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Killing Mistletoe Does Not Mean You Are Against Christmas

It seems every single movie TV program or story set around Christmas has at least one reference to mistletoe begin hung in a doorway or held over head indicating a kiss to follow. However, mistletoe in Oro Valley is not something you probably want growing on your property.

Oro Valley Garbage in Our Desert

There are days when I’m really disappointed. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever lived is Oro Valley. The desert has its own kind of beauty. I think after we have lived here for awhile we forget how majestic a place it is. Like any community there are things we like or don’t like; […]

Oro Valley Home Sellers Marketing Your Home

Marketing a home doesn’t sell a home. The home sells the home. Marketing gets potential buyers to look and consider buying a home. The presentation of the home is what make potential buyers, buyers.

Oro Valley New Ace Hardware Open For Business

I missed it. I missed the day the new Ace Hardware store opened on La Canada just North of the Fry’s shopping center.

Oro Valley Big Dig

I drive by the Oro Valley Big Dig everyday. It is located between Lambert Lane and Naranja on La Canada up the hill from the new Ace Hardware store. Today it took an interesting turn. The equipment at the bottom of the pond was surrounded by water and it was getting deeper. Do you think they broke a water pipeline or have they hit the Oro Valley Water table?